Ushering in a New Era of Trading with Blockchain

Ushering in a New Era of Trading with Blockchain

It’s a new age for financial markets and the traders that are busy facilitating countless trades every day. New trading markets, combined with high transaction volumes put more pressure on asset managers, brokers, and traders than ever. With the emergence of new trading markets and a massive amount of trading, asset managers, brokers, traders – everyone involved in trading operations – is under more strain than ever to execute transactions quickly and accurately.

The good news is technology is advancing rapidly and creating opportunities for hedge funds and other investment firms to operate more efficiently, and many solutions are available to improve pre-and post-trade processes.

One underlying technology that has generated a lot of interest, not only in the financial sector, but across business verticals as a whole, is Blockchain, which has the potential to disrupt financial transaction processing by significantly increasing the speed of transactions while adding unprecedented visibility and security.

In simple terms, blockchain is a series of immutable records of transactions recorded and confirmed by a series of computers not owned by any single organization. Transactions are stored in blocks, which are linked to one another to create a chain. Each block contains not only the transaction data, but also a hash – a time-stamp – from the previous block. The hash creates a system of verification across the entire chain and prevents previously confirmed blocks from change, creating a permanent and unalterable record of every transaction.

Because speed and accuracy is critical to financial services, many firms have expressed […]