Crypto 2020: How Adoption Will Look Next Year and Beyond

Crypto 2020: How Adoption Will Look Next Year and Beyond

2020: halving, DeFi, payments and gaming

Beyond 2020: Central coins and global recession fueled adoption

Source: iStock/MicroStockHub According to Kaspersky ‘s Cryptocurrency Report 2019, 19% of surveyed people (in 22 developed economies) have bought at least one kind of cryptoc urrency or another, and while this is an encouraging percentage for such an immature sector, it’s clear that crypto still has a long way to go if it wants to become ubiquitous.

However, help is at hand, for 2020 looks set to bring a range of developments that will help drive further adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain-based platforms and services. From decentralized finance to central bank digital currencies and even economic recessions, these will combine to make crypto seem more attractive to organizations and individuals alike. 2019: predictions and reality

First things first: just how accurate were’s predictions regarding adoption trends in 2019? Well, this varies from sector to sector.

One prediction was that banks and financial institutions would become increasingly interested in blockchain-based solutions, particularly for cross-border payments. This was borne out by the adoption or trialling of blockchain-based cross-border payments systems by, among others, HSBC , Wells Fargo , Standard Chartered , Mastercard , 60 banks in Latin America, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank , the Bank of Thailand , the National Bank of Cambodia , and by Deutsche Bank and other banks joining JPMorgan ‘s Interbank Information Network.

Another prediction was that security tokens would rise in prominence. This has been proven true to some extent, insofar […]