Dukascopy Bank launches Dukascoin

Dukascopy Bank launches Dukascoin


Dukascopy Bank began Live testing of its crypto-funding functionality back in November. FINMA has given a green light to Dukascoin one month later, in December 2018 , making it the first ever ICO of a Swiss Bank.

The Dukascoin’s website www.dukascoin.com was launched last month .

The complete text of the open letter from the bank’s co-CEO Dr Andre Duka can be seen below:

An open letter from Dr Andre Duka, CEO-CTO of Dukascopy Bank SA

Dr Andre DukaThis letter is addressed to members of the crypto community, colleague-bankers, journalists, clients of the bank and everyone interested in Fintech.

Today, Dukascopy Bank is officially launching its crypto token – Dukascoin (DUK+) – the first payment coin issued for public use by a licensed and regulated bank, a Swiss bank at the least. I take this big event as a historic milestone for both the blockchain industry and the traditional banking sector. Recently, we have observed many announcements from banks about their in-house crypto projects, yet, to the best of my knowledge, no working solutions have been deployed to the market. In our case, we confirm the real start of a bank’s crypto currency after a year of intense legal, technological and emotional effort that has required the consolidation of all our skills and knowledge.

So, how does the first banking ICO look like? Our project significantly differs from any other ICO offered to the audience so far. The Dukascoin’s uniqueness is not about the blockchain design complexity – in contrast, we have […]