REVEALED: The major crypto projects faking their Twitter hype

REVEALED: The major crypto projects faking their Twitter hype

If you suspect some projects are faking their social media hype, you may be right. New research has revealed the shocking extent of the practice.

Crypto social media analytics firm The Tie has just released the results of its research into fake social media hype among cryptocurrency projects.

It analyzed the tweet and trading volume across 450 projects to create a new metric called ‘Hype to Activity Ratio’.

It measures how many Tweets there are for every $1 million dollars in trading volume (averaged across 30 days). Crypto projects that are definitely not faking it

The results are instructive to say the least.

Projects that are DEFINITELY not faking their Twitter mentions include Tether, EOS, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos and NEO.

These projects were the top five ‘Least Overhyped’ projects, and all averaged less than a quarter of a tweet per million in trading volume.“Tether is a stablecoin highly used in crypto trading, so it makes sense that the coin would have a relatively small number of conversations as compared to its trading volume,” The Tie noted. Unfeasibly popular crypto projects And the most over hyped project in all of crypto-dum? TokenPay , shills for which managed to pump out 911.1 Twitter posts for every million dollars in trading volume.TokenPay had a Hype to Activity Ratio 33 million percent higher than Tether – or 330,770 times more tweets.It was closely followed by Electroneum with 678.8, Dragonchain with 505.3, Telcoin on 287.5 and DigitByte with 153.4. TokenPay Legal disclaimer Let’s be clear – simply paying […]