The Edge in Crypto Trading

The Edge in Crypto Trading


Eric Kapfhammer, Founder and CEO of LogosBlock, a Seattle-based startup created to provide cryptocurrency traders a fully-developed trading technology platform joins Enterprise Radio .

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Eric Kapfhammer discuss the following:

> Tell us what circumstances led you to create LogosBlock and what’s the vision behind your company?

How big is today’s cryptocurrency trading universe and what distinctive aspects make it challenging?

Can you talk about your team and others you worked with to help bring your vision to life?

I understand, prior to launching LogosBlock, you led a data science team for Microsoft. Tell us a little bit about that?

How did you progress from your tech background to your involvement in the world of cryptocurrencies, crypto trading and blockchain technology?Let’s talk about cryptocurrencies. It’s been over ten years since bitcoin was first introduced and there are still a lot of naysayers out there. What do you say to skeptics? Should the average investor be concerned about the volatility in the crypto market? Back to LogosBlock: I understand you’re beta testing a core product, correct? Your team is looking for seasoned traders to participate. Tell our listeners how they can participate in the beta. Finish this sentence for our listeners: “LogosBlock helps cryptocurrency traders succeed by …” Eric Kapfhammer is the Founder of LogosBlock , a blockchain-based alternative investment and wealth management platform focused on bridging the current financial landscape to the emerging digital and crypto asset […]