Which ones are really the 'bad' neighborhoods?

Which ones are really the ‘bad’ neighborhoods?


Malta is a country on three small islands between Sicily and Africa, almost dead-center in the Mediterranean. It’s about the size of Staten Island, but it’s an independent country and a member of the European Union.

It is a very, very old country. In many towns, you could film "The Life of Christ" without changing a thing. It even has a life-sized reproduction of Bethlehem with live chickens running around. It is a $79, one-hour Ryan Air flight from most of southern Europe, and gets millions of tourists each year.

The natives speak Maltese and English (it was a British colony until becoming independent), and a few other languages besides. There is corruption — where isn’t there? — but as in all small places, people generally know who the corrupt ones are. We all know which lawyers can get you out of a DUI for a price. We know if the mayor is cheating on his or her spouse.

Without saying Malta is more or less corrupt than anywhere else, an anti-corruption journalist died in a car bomb explosion shortly before I visited.

Fun fact about Malta: It’s becoming the crypto-currency capital of the world. It is home to many online gambling sites. Flights arrive at its tiny airport just minutes apart. You can almost smell the money pouring in. The skyline is full of giant, self-rising cranes. Across the street from the airport is a giant Microsoft office tower.

Sweet deal, huh? It’s a country of about 400,000 people, so even if they […]