Why Apple Won’t Reveal Crypto and Bitcoin Support at iPhone 11 Event

Why Apple Won’t Reveal Crypto and Bitcoin Support at iPhone 11 Event


Today, Apple will reveal the latest iteration of its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 11 during a live-streamed conference hosted by the Cupertino giant.

After last week’s comments made by an Apple executive suggesting potential interest in crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many from the crypto community are expecting the company to follow Samsung’s lead and reveal support for the digital asset class. But here’s the reason why that won’t happen at today’s event and may prevent Apple from ever exploring crypto assets in a larger capacity. Apple Shows Long-Term Interest in Crypto Assets

Last week, Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay told CNN that the company is “watching” crypto-assets like Bitcoin and others, and say they have “interesting long-term potential.” The crypto community immediately erupted celebrating what many saw as a nod of support from the smartphone manufacturing giant.

The company’s footprint is deeply rooted in digital innovation, and with Samsung – the firm’s fiercest competitor in the smartphone space – having already revealed support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the past , most assumed crypto being featured prominently on iPhones and iPads was a shoo-in.

However, crypto-assets like Bitcoin and others are actually directly opposed to some of the services that Apple offers and could prevent them the emerging asset class from ever being supported on an iPhone or iPad, now, or in the future. And at the very least, the digital asset class is likely to be entirely skipped over during today’s iPhone 11 reveal event . Here’s […]